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Scotland has a long-standing affinity with DIY independent record labels, - often riotous in execution, but no less prolific in output. Independent music would often find itself on the fringes of the mainstream, UK charts being dominated by mainstream acts including UB40, The Police, Diana Ross. However, throughout the 1980s, these labels would begin to infiltrate and redefine the popular musical landscape they would once have found themselves on the periphery of.


One such label instrumental in spearheading this was that of Scottish label Postcard Records.


Postcard Records was a Glasgow born indie label founded in 1979 by Alan Horne & Edwyn Collins (of Orange Juice Fame). Operating from the sock drawer of a tenement flat in West Princess Street, which would serve as the label's headquarters, the riotous labels earliest incarnation would last barely two years and release only a handful of records. However, despite this limited catalogue, the label would go on to become one of Scotland's most important music outlets launching the careers of Orange Juice, Aztec Camera, The Go-Betweens & post-punk cult-heroes Josef K, firmly positing themselves at the forefront of the Scottish music scene.


Orange Juice’s ‘You can't hide love forever’ charted at 21 in the UK singles chart, with their follow-up ‘Rip it Up, placing at no. 39.


These releases would pave the way for future Scottish acts such as The Jesus & Mary Chain (Creation Records) whose 1983 album Psychocandy would end 1985 as NME’s 2nd best album of the year, the first of many accolades the album would go on to achieve. 


The influence of Postcard Records in redefining the landscape of popular music would continue well into the present day, providing the template for many successful Scottish post-punk acts, perhaps most notably Franz Ferdinand whose debut album charted at number 3 and spawned two top ten singles.


In homage to the legendary label, listen below for a playlist featuring some of our favourite releases by them.











'Simply Thrilled: The Preposterous Story of Postcard Records'

Interview with Johnny Madden of Baby Strange ahead of Saturdays SWG3 event.

Following the success of BABY STRANGE's excellently received 2017 'Extended Play', the boys are set to return to Glasgow's SWG3, flanked by a line-up of some Scotland's finest musical outfits - fan favorites including Neon Waltz and Rascalton - alongside
some of the year's hottest acts.     


Set to take place over 7 hours, Saturday's event has been meticulously curated by the boys themselves, promising no stage clashes, an absolute imperative given the calibre on offer.


Baby Strange's Johnny Madden has spent 2018 co-producing with Chris Marshall a plethora of the year's most lauded releases including (but by no means limited to) The Dunts, Rascalton and VOODOOS and it's little surprise that Saturday's event will feature a number of these bands - testament to the affinity existing within the scene at the moment

and a fitting conclusion to what has been a barnstorming year for Scottish music that can now no longer be ignored.  

We sit down with Johnny ahead of the gig to catch up on what the trio have been up to and what we can expect tomorrow.

_ _ _

What inspired you to curate such an ambitious event?

It's been almost a year since we played in Glasgow so we wanted our first show back to be something big like this. We felt putting on a big all day party was a good way to round off the year and a fitting way to celebrate the music surrounding us.

Following your latest offering last week, can fans expect to hear more new material on the day?

Yeah definitely! We've been locked away in the studio writing and recording new stuff most of the year so we'll be letting people hear new songs for the first time at the gig.


The line-up features heavily bands which you have collaborated with over the past year - it seems like a fitting way to the end the year, a celebration of the success of Glasgow's music scene in the last 12 months. 

I've been lucky to produce some of the bands on the bill over the past year such as Rascalton, Crystal, Voodoos & The Vanities. Having them all on this line up made sense, they are all smashing it at the moment and are a joy to watch live.


‪Saturday 22nd‬ really feels like the perfect conclusion to what has been an all-out onslaught by Glasgow and beyond upon the UK music landscape which for too long has went ignored.


For those attending who maybe aren't familiar with all the bands playing - who's your must-see tip?

I'm into all the bands playing but I'm really excited to see The Blinders, their album is one of my favourites from 2018.


Rascalton are set to play, could we see a return on guest vocals from yourself on 'This Is It'.

You never know...

· Ahead of Saturday's event, check out Bandwagonesque's playlist to familiarize yourself with the bands playing by going to our playlists section OR clicking here