B A N D W A G O N E S Q U E . C O M  




BABY STRANGE - Job In the City (Working for Nothing)


LUCIA - Money In The World

Rascalton - Lost Generation

The Vanities - Adult Essence

Neon Waltz - Dreamers

Walt Disco - Drowining In Your Velvet Bed




Bandwagonesque Vol.1



And Yet It Moves - Second Earth Song


The Dunts - Coalition of Chaos 


Voodoos - Careless 


Future Glue - No Brains 


Neon Waltz - Dreamers 


Catholic Action - L.U.V 


The Lapelles - Toronto 


Rascalton - This Is It 


The Pooches - Heart Attack 


Walt Disco - Drowning In Your Velvet Bed 


Mark McGowan - Bonnie & Clyde 


Heavy Rapids - Hugger Mugger 


Baby Strange - Friends 


Gallus - Nice 


SWAY - To Be a Man 


Home$lice - Howdy 


Sweaty Palms - Captain of the Rugby Team

Sobriety - Ronnie's song 

Pleasure Heads - Concrete Lips 


Natalie Pryce - Derek Scott